Fahrenheit 451 update:

Brand new wiki for Fahrenheit 451 and the Big Read! Enjoy!


Which book would you save?

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Happy Holidays!

Hi all, Sorry I missed everyone on Monday – it would have been great to see all of the projects and to say a proper “see you later.”

Issue I am having… I went to post my media lit plan on the wiki, I already requested to be a member, but I am not. So I was not able to stick it up there…

Be safe and have a wonderful holiday/vacation/time away from school!


I’ll be waiting for you…let me know if you have any difficulties with making class today. Steve is working on being able to skype Andy so that he can participate in class from his home in Rochester this afternoon!!

We may need to work with one of your cameras. Steve will be in touch if that’s the case.

I look forward to seeing you later. Karen

Jon’s Media Lit Project

Hi everyone,

I just took a look at the YouTube video that Jonathan is using in his Media Literacy Project…

This is such a great lesson plan!!!  If you haven’t taken a look at his lesson posted on the Media Literacy page of our class wiki, please do so!  It deals with the Cobert Report’s interview with Wexler and a Fox News “clip” on that interview.  The lesson offers a great way to compare media pieces, and it shows how easily the news can misinform the public.  This is a great lesson for high school students, who probably feel that major news station broadcasts are our reliable source for the truth about the world.  Sofia

Make Up Class

Dear Teachers, We’ll meet on Monday afternoon at 4 o’clock to share our final projects.

Please let me know here that you will make it.

Thanks!! Karen

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently at the Mann library at Cornell using their mac to finish my website, which is basically done except for my two podcasts which I need to upload.  I would like to post my site but this computer does not have FETCH, and I need an administrator’s password to download it.  Is there any other way I can get my site up?  Thanks.


Ok, so it’s a tongue-in-cheek effort to keep us blogging, but here goes. Watch and respond in a 506 kind of way to this video. I think you’ll find it very interesting and a nice coda to our class. You need 20 minutes to watch!!! You didn’t think I was done, did you!! Love, Karen

*Ah, school as we know and love it–the boulevard of second (and third and fourth) chances…and shouldn’t it be!!

Part II–the blog quiz always needs at least two or more parts. Nothing could be more affirming of the work Steve shared with us last TH night than this front page story about area colleges and universities teaching in Second Life that appears in the Sunday Syracuse POST STANDARD. SUNY Cortland is mentioned and our own Dr. Reid is quoted. Do read and comment. K